Olympic and Powerlifting Bars available through Rogue!

The all new Pendlay NexGen Bushing bars are now available. All new Bright Zinc bars with double snap ring design and every bar comes with a a Performance guarantee.

Other great bars to choose from:

1) The ROGUE Bar - This is the stick that is meant for work, tried and proven thousands of times over. We have been able to reduce the price and the shipping on this bar. Talk to anyone that has one, we encourage you to ask around

2) Rogue Training Bars – Bars ranging from $225 to $605 that are all guaranteed against bending by the manufacturer. You won’t see 100LB ratings or other bs on these bars, they are all built to outlast you.

3) Economy Bars – If you need a good bar that is easier on the budget, this is the place to go. Classic black zinc center with bright zinc sleeves.

We stock our weightlifting bars and all of them are made in the USA.

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