Does the d-ball hold up?

From D-ball

D-ball has had quite the evolution from a ball that broke like crazy to where it is now:

1) The wall thickness has been increased by 2X to keep it from splitting

2) The plug design is an all new variant to keep them from getting damaged

D-ball will replace the med ball for free if it breaks on a one time basis. We have had only one breaking issue over the past 6 months so that tells me they are holding up very well. Making a med ball that can be slammed is not easy but d-ball works very hard to make that happen.

Some may remember waiting weeks to get them as well. We now stock them from 4lbs to 40lbs at the Rogue Factory Store. WE ALSO SHIP THEM FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other items shipping for free:

1) Equipment Packages – The only place in the world that consolidates your equipment package and ships from one location

2) Dynamax Balls – US made med balls

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