Rogue Climbing Ropes

From Rogue Climbing Rope

Rogue Climbing ropes have been made the same way in the US since we started.  We have never replaced a single rope and the simple eyelet is stronger than the metal clamp.  We tested it by pulling on both ends until something broke.

1) Rope with metal clamp end – broke at clamp joint

2) Rogue rope with eyelets on both ends – Broke in the middle of the rope at 2000 ft lbs higher

This means that the eyelet is stronger than the metal clamp end.  Once you pierce the manila it weakens the rope, big surprise.

The Rogue Climbing Ropes are nearly half the cost and are very simple to rig up and take down!

From Rogue Climbing Rope

What is consolidation?  We have broken the rules, many claim to save you shipping money but we actually do it.  It may not look like it but under this black stretch wrap, we consolidated the following:

1) 500LBS of Rogue Bumpers

2) 5 Rogue Bars

3) 5 Rogue Rings

4) Chalk

5) Rogue HG Collars

6) Ader Kettlebells

7) Rogue Climbing Ropes

8 ) Dynamax Medicine Balls

9) Ultra Speed Jump Ropes

10) Rogue SPX Stands

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