Always Adding New Equipment!

From Sorinex M2

The new Sorinex GHD – We have nicknamed it the M2 because it is about as cool as the M2 50 Cal with Matte Black powder coat and tough as nails construction.

They are in production now and we should have them in 6-8 weeks and then begin to stock this item.  It may look different than the normal setup but I assure you it is a rock solid piece of equipment.  The pad alone weighs about 30lbs.

You won’t see this on ebay or Amazon, this will be offered exclusively through Sorinex and Rogue.

Checkout the new Ivanko Equipment:

1) Ivanko Stainless Steel Bars – Some of the most impressive pieces of equipment around

2) Ivanko Steel Plates – Tried and true steel plates

We have some pretty cool equipment coming soon.  We are dead set on making equipment in the US.

The Rogue Bar is quickly becoming the most reliable all purpose weightlifting bar on the market.

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