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From Rogue Factory Store

At Rogue we have solved the problems faced for decades by warehousing the items you need in your training facility.  The majority of what we have is made in the US!  When possible we in source not out source.  I just read an article stating the necessity to outsource to foreign countries.  I disagree, I believe that the more we make in the US the stronger we will be.  Outsourcing experts will all be looking for jobs when Americans take control of their own destiny and do what we do.  We make things and we do a damn good job of it.

For Rogue a quality problem takes a brisk walk to fix, I can walk over and ask the guy that cutting, welding, sawing or powder coating what the problem is.

In this picture there are American Made Bars & Bumpers. We ship an assortment of items all over the world daily. Our new line of equipment is here, starting with the Rogue SPX system. You will know it when you see one because it will have this metal plate attached:


We design, build and manufacture our own products to include:

1) Rogue Rings – The meanest rings on the planet, if you want plastic rings you are in the wrong place

2) Rogue RPG - Ring and Pullup Bar System that utilizes the same rigging gear, very easy to use

3) Rogue Bar – This is a workhorse bar, guaranteed for life.  It doesn’t come with a BS 1000LB label, it comes with a guarantee

4) Burg & Rip Bar – This bar has been tested, the results speak for themselves: 200,000PSI Tensile Strength Bar.  This is a wicked bar with some of the toughest steel on the market.  This will go down in history as a York Classic.  Our very own Ahmik Jones worked with Coach Burgener & Rippetoe to develop this one of a kind bar

5) Rogue SPX – This squat rack system is built with heavy duty steel, no cheap plastic pieces to fall off or wear out.  This is not a cheap rack from Ebay, this is the real deal.  You can hang your engine from it in the garage if you would like.

This is just a brief look at the many products we have brought to market.  Look for more products in the next 30 days.  We will be taking it to the next level.

There have been attempts to copy what we do but you can’t.  We care about our customers and we answer the phone to talk to them.  You won’t get someone that doesn’t have a clue about equipment you will get one of our equipment guys/gals.

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