Clearing house for the CrossFit Cert!

From USA

We are shipping out a few semi trucks of our Rogue Equipment for the US Military. It is finally a nice day outside.

The equipment that we sell will outlast the recession, outlast your tennis shoes and will most likely outlast you.  We have a few expendable items like jump ropes but they are the fastest ropes around so it is worth it.

Here are a few items that will be around in your estate auction:

1) Rogue Bar - This bar is made in the USA and is guaranteed for life against bending.  It may gain some character from heavy use but it will still be at your side for the duration

2) Rogue SPX – This squat/press system has taken off, we can barely keep them in stock.  There are very few reviews of the product circulating now but just wait until they are in the hands of CrossFit gyms and other training centers around the globe.   – Made in Columbus Ohio

3) Rogue Rings – The rings are guaranteed for life against breaking, I seriously want to see someone try to break them.  Other vendors sell rings that might not last the week, handle gently.  No thanks I will take the kind that I can beat the hell out of and not worry about them.  We also have the most robust rigging system

4) Rogue Individual Pullup System – If you like the simplicity of our rings then you will like the pullup system.  Uses the same straps as the rings, you can get the entire set with the RPG

Guaranteed for life against breaking.  I have heard it fits easily into the gunrack in your pickup truck for quick deployment

5) Rogue Shoes – Quite possibly the baddest shoe available.  Others have tried to copy the color but ended up with bowling shoes.  They add 10HP like a Jeg’s sticker

This just scratches the surface, look for a ton of new equipment to hit over the next month.  They aren’t replicas of equipment made with $0.50 labor, they will be American made steel products!

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