Warning: Don’t do This!

From Grand Canyon

We should have turned around here!

On New Years Caity Matter and Bill Henniger setoff to go down the Grand Canyon on the South Kaibab Trail then back up the Bright Angel Loop trail.  Normally hikers will do this over 2-3 days, but we decided to do it in one day. The trek starts with a 8 mile journey down the canyon, cross the Colorado River then 2 miles down the river and finally 8.5 Miles up the canyon. We made it to the river at noon and to the top by 5PM.

This is quite possibly the most brutal experience of my life and I am completely torn up.  Caity and I are both walking with broken joints.  The views were awesome and the scenery was insanely amazing.

If you ever wonder what you are training for, it is the ability to tackle any challenge laid out in front of you.  You have to just chip away at things sometimes, don’t quit!

What are you doing this year? If our training looks unique and effective, come in and try it out! Elements 1 kicks off every Monday, contact eddie@roguefitness.com if you are interested.

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