See if you see someone like you in this video!

I Am CrossFit Affiliate Challenge from CrossFit Central on Vimeo.

CrossFit Central put this video together from their affiliate in Austin.  I think it is a very good example of regular people that want to be better at life.

What are you doing this year?  If any of the following characteristics describe you then Rogue is the place for you to train:

1) I like to work hard because I know it will pay off

2) I enjoy team work to attain goals

3) I don’t like to do the same boring treadmill workout every day

4) I am tired of mirrors and bs equipment, I just want old school workouts

5) I want to be led in my pursuit of optimal fitness

All you have to do is fill out the contact form to sign up for Elements 1 and you will see if our program is for you.  We have a professional team of trainers from various military and sports backgrounds.  Some days you will get a kick in the butt and other days you will receive elite level sports training.  Your day will range from Olympic Weightlifting to gymnastics movements.  Try something new!

Troy Taylor started a Rogue Fitness group on FaceBook, join the community for group events!

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