How do you know it is Rogue?

From USMC Semper Fit

This tab will be on all Rogue Equipment. It means that you can depend on this equipment and that you can immediately put them in your will to your grandchildren because they will still be around. There may be some nicks or scrapes but that is just character.

This bench was fabricated in Columbus, OH by the Maclean crew. The bench tops are built with HD foam and Olive Drab stitching. You could literally do a 3000LB skull crusher on this bench or a 600LB Bench. This is only one of many pieces of equipment that we are releasing in January. Check out these monster plyoboxes all the way up to 30″. You could command an Army from atop the tallest box. Again they were built in Columbus and once the tops are on them they will be the most wicked plyoboxes in the business.

From USMC Semper Fit

No they aren’t tapered and yes they all nest together in a 30″X30″ space. Each box is topped with a 3/4″ piece of plywood and a 1/4″ piece of rubber. They are sweet and have our signature textured powder coat.

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