Do you have your Barbell Tshirt?

From Rogue TShirts

This tshirt was designed after the York Barbell tshirts from the 1950’s.  We may be the new guys on the block but we use the same tools that have been proven time and time again.

The Rogue Tshirt is made with American Apparel tshirts, classic track t shirt.

We continue to support American made apparel and equipment when we can.  If you have ever had one of these American Apparel tshirts then you probably wear it pretty often.  Here is a brief explanation of how Rogue gear works:

1) Rogue Shoes  – 10HP extra

2) Rogue Bar – 15HP extra

3) Rogue Tshirt – 5HP extra

If you have these 3 items you should step on the dyno because you are guaranteed to lift more and move faster!

If you live in the midwest, it is worth the drive to stop into Columbus, OH and get factory direct pricing without paying for shipping.

Rogue Fitness – High Speed Low Drag

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