Can Rogue Build it?

We are building the following for the United States Marine Corps:

1) Custom Olive Drab Squat Stands

2) Custom Bumper Plates

3) Custom Plate Carts

4) Custom Benches

5) Custom Gymnastic Rings

This is just to name a few, we are a team that builds equipment.  Our new squat stands are second to none.  When we say we consolidate shipping we mean it!


The picture above is headed to Korea and it has the following inside:

1) Rogue Squat Stands

2) Concept 2 Rowers

3) Rogue Rings

4) Rogue Benches

5) York GHD

6) Iron Woody Bands

7) Ader Chalk

8.) Rogue HG Collars

We consolidate shipping and we build equipment that lasts, that is what we do!  No job is too small and no job is too big.

Oh yeah and Caity Matter’s dad Rick Matter helped build the set that is headed to Korea!!

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