Rogue Running Team in action this weekend!

The Rogue Running Team will be in action this weekend. They will be running the Holiday Run @ Sharon Woods park this Sunday at 9 AM. The RRT has been meeting every Sunday for the past 5 weeks, rain, sleet, snow or shine, to prepare for the 4 mile run. RRT will run together as a group during the race. They trained together so they will start together and they will finish together. Besides they figure that will be the best way to stay warm this time of year. Its not too late to join RRT for the run. There is race day registration that starts at 7:45 AM. Come on out and freeze…err… enjoy the great outdoors with the RRT.


The Rogue PR day event is this Saturday at 1 PM! Come on out and join your fellow Rogue warriors as they attempt to achieve personal records (PRs) in either the Olympic lifts or the Rogue Total! There will be beer and a pot luck lunch afterwards so bring your friends and family. They can cheer along with the other lifters as you try to put heavy barbells over your head.

Its going to be a busy weekend for the Rogue athletes. If you want to be apart of the team just give us a call at 614-358-6190 or e-mail us at to find out how!

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