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For those of you that know the history of Rogue Fitness then you know Eric Jones.  Take a look back at Day 2 at the Rogue Facility This whole thing started with three guys: Troy Taylor, Eric Jones & Bill Henniger

All of us have put in more unpaid hours than imaginable because we love it.  Eric has been no less of a partner in crime than Troy or I.  He is in the gym at least 6 days a week and many times 7.  He has officially graduated from his apprenticeship and earned the level of “Captain” for which he will forever remembered at Rogue.

Per the norm we name a workout or WOD after our team members when they leave for the military:


7 Front Squat 135M/95W

15 Pushups

500M Row

5 Rounds for Time!

Eric is headed out to become a V22 Osprey pilot in the US Air Force and has aspirations of becoming a Pararescueman once he receives his pilot wings.  As anyone that has met Eric can tell you, there is little doubt he will achieve his goals.  His father LT Colonel Shelby Jones retired with a highly decorated career.  His sister is in the Air Force Academy.  That is a whole bunch of Air Force.

To say Eric will be missed is an understatement, I am certain he will never be far.  If you are in the Air Force, just pray that he gets stationed at your base because it will be decked out with the best equipment on earth.

Eric was instrumental in designing the Rogue Store and it will take more than one to replace him.  I just hope he realizes that we take precedent over pilot training.

For those of you that know Eric, here is his email address:

There will be a party and a very big party at that.  Eric takes off on December 12 so look for details in the very near future.

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