A "Filthy" Labor Day at Rogue…

…”Filthy” as in “Filthy Fifty” that is! The Rogue athletes started off their Labor day with a “doozy” of a workout. For many of the athletes this was their first experience with the infamous “Filthy Fifty”. Every single one of them completed the workout. One of our athletes was having a tough time with it. The coaches told him that it would be “ok” if he wanted to stop. He told us that he wanted to finish it regardless and finish he did.

It takes a certain kind of individual to come in to Rogue, day after day, to work as hard as we expect our athletes to work. Not only do our athletes do the work but they do it willingly. And they all are reaping the rewards of their efforts no doubt by becoming stronger, faster, and leaner.

See you all tomorrow for some more!

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