Join the Rogue Running Team!!!

Join the Rogue Running Team!
What is the Rogue Running Team?
You’ve been training at Rogue for a while now. You feel the results. You’re getting stronger, moving better now its time to put all of your training to the test. Join the Rogue Running Team as we train for the Abercrombie and Fitch 5k this September 13th at the A&F campus in New Albany.

The Rogue Running Team will meet every Sunday at 11AM to train for the race. Of course you know the training will be Rogue style so erase any visions of “long slow distance” out of your nuggets.

How do I join the Rogue Running Team?
1. Just sign in at the Rogue Fitness lobby.
2. Register for the Abercrombie and Fitch Challenge on-line at Premier Races
3. Pay $25 to Rogue Fitness. The $25 gets you a Rogue Running Team t-shirt, Rogue Ale after the race, and training.
4. Show up for the Rogue Running Team training every Sunday at 11AM.

Deadline for Joining the Rogue Running Team is SEPTEMBER 7TH
Race Day!
On race day all of the Rogue Running Team will meet up at Rogue Fitness at 8AM and we will car pool over to the A&F campus to warm up. Rogue will have picked up all of the registration packets, number bibs and event t-shirts for the competitors earlier in the week. So all you have to do is show up and run your butts off then drink some beers, pretty simple.

Even if you’re not racing we want you to show up to cheer on your fellow Rogue athletes as they all shoot for personal bests in the 5k run.
17 August 2008 – First Rogue Running Team workout
07 September 2008 – Deadline to join the Rogue Running Team
13 September 2008
• 8:00AM – Meet at Rogue Fitness to carpool to A&F campus
• 8:30AM – Depart for A&F Campus
• 9:30AM – Warm up for the race the Rogue way
• 10:00AM – Rogue Runners hit the trail and the Rogue Athletes not running better be blowing their lungs out cheering or there will be burpees!
• 10:15AM – 1st Rogue Runner crosses the finish line and receives their beverage.
• 11:00 – All runners are in and the drinking begins!
• Noonish – Designated drivers mop up the Rogue athletes and we head home, GOOD JOB!!
Rogue Ale Brewing Company

The Rogue Running Team is being sponsored by Rogue Ale Brewing Company!!
They will be providing beer and some extra goodies for the Rogue Running Team. Be sure to check them out at ROGUE.COM and join the Rogue Nation!

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