To our ROTC graduates, WE SALUTE YOU

Eric Jones & Joel Borgan graduate from OSU tomorrow and will be commissioned shortly after. Here is how we see there future!

Here is Eric and his co-pilot, watch Me!

Here they are at their beach party last night!

On a serious note, we are very proud of our ROTC athletes: Eric Jones, Joel Borgan, Andy Babos, Tom Crisp, Nathan Boyer & Tonya Burlingame. We started out with many and we are left with the strongest of will. All of these folks will make outstanding officers in the United States Military.

For those that are graduating, we salute you!

If you don’t do a flyby in your jet, you bore me!

Tonya this one is for you! For those of you that don’t know her, she is an absolutely amazing warrior. I am very proud to know that she will someday lead troops. We met her one day before she went to Air Assault school, she wanted to learn how to climb a rope. Now she chews steel and spits bullets.

We can’t forget the Marines:

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