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Flat Pack Games Box

The best deal in plyo boxes just got even better! The only way we could make a 20″, 24″ and 30″ box-in-one better, was to ship it flat to save on assembly and shipping costs. It has the same internal bracing of our standard games box and can easily be assembled in minutes. There is not another box on the market that can do so much for so little.

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Top of the Line Made in the U.S.A. Weightlifting Bars

When people think of high end weightlifting bars, they usually think of bars made overseas in countries where weightlifting has been big for years. Until the past few years they would be right to overlook the America when it came to weightlifting bars. However, with the explosion of CrossFit and the renewed interest in Olympic weightlifting, American companies have put out some top notch products.

Rogue set out to make some of the best weightlifting bars in the world. The bars are made to IWF specifications with a few improvements that really make a difference for their every day use.

1. IWF certified weightlifting bars have a center knurl. This really only makes sense if you are planning to use the bar for back squat. Whether or not you need a center knurl for back squat remains controversial, but there is no mistaking that a center knurl will chew up your neck during cleans, especially high rep cleans in a CrossFit workout. We felt that a bar this specialized should be as well suited as possible for its intended use and should not make compromises to give questionable benefit for a secondary use.

2. Most high end Olympic weightlifting bars are chrome plated. While this protects them from rust, it makes them slick. Manufacturers somewhat compensate for this by changing the knurling texture, but it can not be overcome completely. Our Olympic weightlifting offerings are are zinc coated, either bright or black for a more secure feel. Zinc coatings also offer better rust protection than chrome. The zinc coating allows us to give the bars an understated knurling texture that is not found on other brand’s bars.

3. Most of the top end weightlifting bars have 4 needle bearings per sleeve. We have 5 top of the line German needle bearings per sleeve, to ensure that we have some of the smoothest rotating sleeves available.

Add to all that 185,000 PSI tensile strength spring steel for a perfect whip that rivals the best bars in the world, and snap ring construction on the perfectly machined sleeves and you have one of the best bars in the world, made in Indiana for a bargain price.

Coach Burgener’s Signature Bar is finished in bright zinc. Its sister bar, The BlackJack Bearing Bar has a shaft that is finished in black zinc for those that prefer the chalky feel of black zinc and the way it wears over time.

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Rogue “Ohio” Lifting Straps

Your body has a feedback loop that will not allow you to deadlift a bar that your hands cannot grip, even if you are otherwise strong enough. Of course you should work on your grip, but you do not want to limit your strength gains while your hands are catching up.

The Rogue “Ohio” Lifting Straps let you move heavy weight without worrying about your grip.  The material for these straps is made in New England and the strap is sewn in Ohio.  This is one nice high quality American made strap designed for years of use and abuse!

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Rogue Pullup Systems

Often it can be difficult to find a decent place to do pullups whether you workout in a home gym or own your own commercial facility. Most of the off the shelf products just do not place the bar far enough from the wall to kip properly and do movements like bar muscle-ups.

The Rogue P-3 and P-4 pullup systems offer an easy to install, but incredibly sturdy brackets that can be used to make anything from single pullup bars in a garage to a wall length pull-up bar in a gym.

Here is a video that shows how easy they are to install:

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Dynamax Balls

There are reasons that the U.S.A. Made Dynamax Balls are the most commonly used medicine balls in the CrossFit community.

They were developed by Track and Field coach, Jim Cawley to help his athletes develop the 10 adaptations to physical training that he had eneumerated.

Cardiorespiratory Endurance
Speed Power

In order to accomplish this, he needed balls that could be caught by his athletes no matter how hard they were thrown. At the time, the medicine balls that were available were firm, which limited the movements that could be performed safely. He developed a 14 inch ball that had enough padding, even at 20 or 30 pounds, to be used safely for high velocity movements.

They are extremely durable. They will stand up to years of use in a busy commercial gym. The balls are also available in 2 pound increments from 4 to 20 pounds, as well as 5 pound increments up to 30 pounds, so people at every level of fitness can benefit from the vast array of exercises including: wall ball, overhead throws, glute ham developer wall ball, underhand throws, medicine ball king of the hill, bull in the ring, seated situps, partner throws, medicine ball clean and jerk and snatch.

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The Hardest Pull Ups Yet?

A Grip World preview! We’re continuing to add training variations for the Rogue Grip System. We’ve been testing this sphere in the Rogue HQ gym. Holds, pull ups and varied lifts have proven this to be one of the most versatile grip tools that we’ve built. At 12 inches in diameter and strong enough to be clipped overhead, this grip tool is unique Rogue Fitness.

Test: max number of dead hang pull ups in the three minutes. The athlete notched seventeen. It “felt like 100.”  For more grip aids and strength tools, check the Grip World.

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A Speed Test and Preview

There is something special in the pipeline! Rogue is working on what may be the fastest jump rope yet and we took a few photos of the process. We currently carry the SR-1 which is getting rave reviews as a record breaking speed rope and the Ultra Speed which is always one of the fastest but we’re taking it one step farther by machining aluminum handles here in Columbus, Ohio! The machined handles are a part of a very special rope that we’ve been working on for some time. The bearings are insanely fast.

Here are a few great shots of the tests:

The end result? One fast rope. Designed and manufactured here. Stay tuned for updates…

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We’ll Say It Again: Train Your Grip

Here is the latest in the Rogue Grip System. We were just testing it out at Rogue HQ with a tight grip and a full turn out. It brought a new level of hard to traditional pull ups. At full extension, the emphasis is on your forearms where as the higher you pull – the more your hand grip is in play. We’ll keep you posted for when it’s ready to go. This one is tough!

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Rogue Grip Series is About to Grow

The next addition to the Grip World will pull you beyond your limits. This is coming soon to the store. Grip strength can be the most frustrating weakness for an athlete. Fortunately, this is where you will see the quickest gains. We’ve been testing this pinch grip killer in the Rogue HQ gym and it is tough! Practice pulls and weighted walks using kettlebells. When you master grip strength, it opens a door to personal records. Olympic lifting, powerlifting, strongman and gymnastics all benefit from a stronger grip. We have all of the tools that can help.

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The S-Series: Engineered Modularity

The Rogue S-Series Squat Stand was designed and manufactured with durability and convenience in mind. We built three types: The S-1, the S-2, and the S-3. The difference is in height and function but the great thing about the entire series of squat racks is its modularity – the ability for you to alter, remove, or add components to perfectly suit your goals.

In this video, Kris discusses functionality and Ian gives you a window into how it was thoughtfully designed – from the ground up. Made in the U.S.A.

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