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Rogue Fat Bar Grips

There are multiple versions of the new Fat Bar Grips. All are 3″ bars that can be used for pull-ups, farmers walks, band work, chain, barbell or odd object lifting to train your grip, but each has its own unique features.

The double bar has 2 anchor points and can be used for super fat bar pull-ups or lifts.

The single has an attachment point in the center, requiring additional balance and coordination.

The mini is perfect for pullups, farmers walks and accessory work.

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Dog Bone Pull Up Bar

The Dog Bone Pullup Bar is a multitasker with two unique grip training areas. The center is a fat, 3″, suspended Pullup bar and each end is an even larger 5″ sphere to further challenge your finger strength. In both areas, the single center suspension point adds the additional difficulty of balancing yourself and your effort. This will also show any discrepancies between the strength of your arms so the can be corrected.

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Rogue Flat Utility Bench

Quality shows, even in simple things. The Rogue Flat Utility Bench is so much more stable than the competition, that once you try it, you will not be able to go back to your old bench. The 2×2″ 11 gauge steel tubing, combined with the sturdy neoprene padding and the precision American construction make the bench a joy to use. Because of the superior design and construction, this bench is used on every USMC base in the world.

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Get your own custom bar

Maybe you would like a bar that is bright or black zinc all over. Maybe you want a bare steel shaft with olive drab sleeves. Whatever combination you are looking for, you can build it here.

Not only can you order a bar with a custom finish to fit your style, the bar is based on the Rogue Bar, the bar used at the CrossFit Games, because of its ability to excel for both Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting movements.

It is made from 155K PSI steel that will whip enough for Olympic Weightlifting movements, with our famous understated knurl with both Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting markings and no center knurl. It also has snap ring sleeves with high-end bushings for a reliable spin.

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More Pinch Blocks

The new additions to the Rogue Pinch Block lineup offer a way to progressively improve your grip strength. The thicker blocks are harder to grip than the thinner ones allowing you to steadily increase the intensity of your grip training. Like all of our grip systems, these can be used for pull-ups, or can be attached to barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and odd objects to improve your grip strength in a variety of movements.

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Concept 2 Ski Erg

Concept 2 has come up with a New way to build strength an endurance, based on Nordic skiing technique.

The Concept2 SkiErg is based on the same mechanics and electronic monitoring systems as the Concept2 Indoor Rower, the proven choice of rowing athletes around the world since 1982.

Each pull engages the arms, shoulders, core and legs in a downwards “crunch,” using body weight to help accelerate the handles. A workout on the SkiErg works the legs at least as hard as the upper body. This is one of the few places in the gym where you can work a negative squat against resistance. This has potential to improve speed under the bar for Olympic lifting.

A benefit to the Ski Erg over a standard rower is the fact that it can take up less space in your gym or garage. It includes a floor stand so it can be set up and used in minutes, but it can also be attached to the wall, so that it takes up almost no space when not in use.

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Deployable Military Packages

Designed with hardcore military use in mind, our military packages are no-nonsense groupings of CrossFit mission-critical equipment, without any unnecessary luxury items. These packages can be set up for a workout and torn down very quickly, even in austere conditions.

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Rogue Operator Bar

The Rogue Operator Bar is an American made 20 KG multitasker.

-It has high-end bushings and snap ring construction for a reliable spin for Olympic Weightlifting without over spinning to the point where bench press feels unstable.
-It is made from 155K PSI tensile strength steel, so it is strong enough for the slow lifts as well as being able to withstand being dropped when Olympic lifting.
-It has both Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting knurl marks.
-It has the same understated knurl that has made Rogue Bars famous, deep enough for a firm grip on deadlifts without being sharp and tearing your hands up when using a hook grip.
-It’s 28.5 mm shaft diameter is right in the middle of a standard 28 mm Olympic Weightlifting Bar and a standard 29 mm Powerlifting bar.
-It will whip enough for Olympic lifting without being unwieldy for powerlifting.
-It has a protective zinc coating that protects better than chrome while providing a chalky feel that chrome cannot match.

Not only does it multitask well enough to be used by both Olympic Weightlifters and Powerlifters as well as CrossFitters, it’s zinc coating is olive drab on the shaft with black sleeves that will make a statement in your gym.

With a lifetime warranty against bending or the sleeves coming off, this will be the last bar you ever need to buy.

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Aluminum Technique Bars

There are many companies out there that offer aluminum technique bars. However, most have cheese grater knurl texture, a large diameter and non-standard knurl markings.

For about the same price as competitor’s “Alumilite” bars, we offer both 25 mm Diameter, 5 kg and 28 mm Diameter, 15 lb aluminum technique bars that are identical to standard men’s and women’s Olympic Weightlifting bars between the sleeves. They have competition grade knurling and correct Olympic Weightlifting knurling marks. Whether you are training children or new adult lifters, these bars make teaching the lifts safe and effective without the need to relearn things like the hook grip, or grip position, when transitioning to standard bars.

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Made in the U.S.A.

At Rogue, we firmly believe that American manufacturing is the path to economic recovery. This is one of the reasons that we have such a strong commitment to offer quality American made gear. Not only do we have dozens products made in the Midwest by Rogue, we are proud to offer products from other top American manufacturers including, Dynamax, Abmat, Sorinex, Westside Barbell, Concept 2, Slater’s, Hybrid Athletics, Rx Jump Ropes, Pendlay Barbell, Legend, Box, D-Ball, Dollamur and others. We constantly renew this commitment by adding top of the line American alternatives to the typical, mass marketed, imported gear available from other companies. Here is a complete list of our Made in the U.S.A. products.

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