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From CrossFit Games 2009

Two Rogue Team Members will be out of the office for a week – Caity Matter and I(Bill Henniger) are getting married.  Kris, Matt and J will be there to answer all of your equipment questions and get your gear out!

Checkout some of these great gear exclusives:

1) Sorinex GHD – The Sorinex GHD was used in the GHD situp and HSPU workout at the 2009 CrossFit Games

2) Rogue Exclusive Bars - Get the classic black zinc and chrome collar bars that are made in the USA

3) Rogue Rings with MARPAT Straps – The rings were used in the final affiliate cup and individual competition.  There is no comparison!

4) Rogue Wood Plyoboxes – You can see the burnt Rogue wood plyoboxes all over the place at the Games site

5) Dynamax Medicine Balls – These med balls were used in the wall ball comps, we offer free shipping!!

6) Equipment Packages – We offer the best equipment packages on the market and we ship them direct from our factory store

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