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More New Equipment!!

All new ROGUE P-3 Pullup Rig, we have taken the best attributes from the big rigs and put them on a unit that can be installed anywhere from a battleship to your home gym:

1) 11 Gauge Steel Construction

2) Choose Length of CrossBar up to 52″ to accommodate  studs at 36-48″ on center

3) Ability to “Daisy Chain” Them together for miles with 1.25OD Steel tube.  This will allow gyms to string them together and save on floor space

4) Ability to adjust depth of cross bar from either  14″ or 22″

If you need something bigger:

1) Rogue 30″ Pullup Bracket System – Unique bracket that cantilevers 30″ from the wall – Big Brother to the P-3

2) USMC Pullup Rigs – Built in 12′ sections that can be extended for Miles

Another Break Through in Rogue Technology – The all new ROGUE HG Collar:

1) New Cross-Lock Lever keeps these things tighter than chinese finger cuffs

2) These are designed for Olympic Weightlifting and High Rep Workouts

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The new TACTICAL SandBags only at Rogue Fitness.  These were built with American 1000 Cordura in America.  Built by retired Special Ops Team Seargent and his crew, they are built with amazing detail.

1) DWR treatment on every piece of this system to allow for repeated wash cycles and still maintain water resistance. This treatment is required on all MIL spec gear.

2) Double stitching and triple layering on high stress points

3) Choose your size sand bag or filler bag – FREE SHIPPING ON ALL KITS

4) Multiple handles and compression grips for any type of movement you can dream up

M-35 DEUCE AND A HALF TRUCK DOES NOT COME WITH THE SANDBAGS!!  If you order a whole bunch we might deliver them in it though!!!

Checkout a few other American Made Products!!

1) Rogue Exclusive Weightlifting Bars – We have assembled a very nice arsenal of bars.  The Rogue Bar is Guaranteed for Life

2) Rogue Black Powder Line – We design and manufacture our Black Powder Line here in Columbus Ohio – Checkout the Rogue Rings, Pullup Bar, SPX System and much more!!!

You can now choose from four different MIL Spec straps on the strongest rings available!

3) Rogue HiTemp Bumpers – American Made Bumpers, these bumpers have already seen 100K miles on your car then we shredded them and put them into a bumper plate!

Prepare yourself for many more additions to the current Rogue Lineup.  We strive to work with our American Manufacturers to meet the needs of the athlete!

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Rogue SPX Squat/Press System

We designed the Rogue SPX system to allow for anything from floor press to overhead press with a 6′ 5″ athlete:

1) We have upgraded the J-Cup system to have HD nylon inserts bolted in place to protect the knurl on the bar

2) 3″X2″ 11 Gauge Steel Powder Coated with the Rogue Signature Look

3) 3/8″ Thick J-Cup construction

4) Made in the USA

5) You can bench or overhead press with the setup on this system

Add some more military grade matte black equipment:

1) The Rogue Bar - Guaranteed for Life Against Bending – 28.5MM 20KG Black Zinc bar with Bright Zinc sleeves.  Dual knurling marks for power and olympic weightlifting

2) Rogue Flat Utility Bench – HD  2X2 11 Gauge straight forward bench

3) Rogue HG or HiTemp Bumpers – HiTemps are made in the USA and great for tons of abuse.  The HG bumpers are competition thickness and look amazing

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New Rogue Pullup System Much more Flexible!

The rig above is fresh out of our fabrication facility, all new units will have Powder coat!

Here is look down the tubing used on the New Rogue Pullup System that will be available in 10 days!

Rogue Pullup System:

1) Adjustable width from 1″ -48″

2) 11 Gauge Steel – Most use 14 Gauge which is a tin can next to this bad boy

3) 14″ or 22″ Depth for Pullup Bar on this unit – If you need 36″ Depth, then you would need the current bracket system

4) 1.25″ Outer Diameter X 48″ Length  – Again made with 11 Gauge Steel

5) Can be mounted to wood studs, concrete walls or the bottom of a helicopter if you so desire

6) Like our 36″ Bracket and Parallettes these units can be strung together in a row with one continuous pipe!

7) Powder Coated with signature Rogue Matte Black textured coating

8)Oh yeah and they are made in the USA – that is right!!!!!

9) Introductory Price of $125/Set with 4′ Pullup Bar!!!

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Rogue "Bella" Bar – 15KG 25MM Women's Bar

The Rogue 15KG 25MM Women’s Training Bar is named after our Cane Corso Bella!

A bit more about the bar:

1) Made with HD 155K PSI tensile strength steel

2) Snap Ring & Bronze Bushing Design

3) Dual Knurling Marks for Olympic and Power Lifting Reference

4) No Center Knurl

You can get this bar with any of our Equipment Packages or by itself.  We have them in stock and they ship within 24 hours!

This product is made in the USA!

Checkout the Free Shipping on the Dynamax Med Balls, D-Balls, Spy Sunglasses and much much more!


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The ROGUE Rings

We began making Rogue Rings in 2007 and they are a staple of garage gyms, CrossFit affiliates, pro athletics, universities and military units all over the world.  The USMC has them on every active duty base in the world!

1) The picture above is so that you can see we build every single ring here in the US.  Each ring is TIG welded and powder coated with the ROGUE signature coating.  The powder coating we use holds chalk better than any other ring we have used.

2) The strapping system is 1.5″ wide with a heavy duty cam buckle.  You will have them rigged within seconds without reading directions or watching a video.  They are that simple.

When we test our equipment, we mean business. Now we offer four different colors on the straps: MARPAT Camo, Ranger Green, Desert Khaki and the Classic Black

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