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Deployable Military Packages

Designed with hardcore military use in mind, our military packages are no-nonsense groupings of CrossFit mission critical equipment, without any unnecessary luxury items. These packages can be set up for a workout and torn down very quickly, even in austere conditions.

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Rogue Operator Bar

The Rogue Operator Bar is an American made 20 KG multitasker.

-It has high end bushings and snap ring construction for reliable spin for Olympic Weightlifting without overspinning to the point where bench press feels unstable.
-It is made from 155K PSI tensile strength steel, so it is strong enough for the slow lifts as well as being able to withstand being dropped when Olympic liftinng.
-It has both Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting knurl marks.
-It has the same understated knurl that has made Rogue Bars famous, deep enough for a firm grip on deadlifts without being sharp and tearing your hands up when using a hook grip.
-It’s 28.5 mm shaft diameter is right in the middle between a standard 28 mm Olympic Weightlifting Bar and a standard 29 mm Powerlifting bar.
-It will whip enough for Olympic lifting without being unwieldy for powerlifting.
-It has a protective zinc coating that protects better than chrome while providing a chalky feel that chrome cannot match.

Not only does it multitask well enough to be used by both Olympic Weightlifters and Powerlifters as well as CrossFitters, it’s zinc coating is olive drab on the shaft with black sleeves that will make a statement in your gym.

With a liftime warrranty agaist bending or the sleeves coming off, this will be the last bar you ever need to buy.

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Aluminum Technique Bars

There are many companies out there that offer aluminum technique bars. However, most have cheese grater knurl texture, a large diameter and non standard knurl markings.

For about the same price as competitor’s “Alumilite” bars, we offer both 25 mm Diameter, 5 kg and 28 mm Diameter, 15 lb aluminum technique bars that are identical to standard men’s and women’s Olympic Weightlifting bars between the sleeves. They have competion grade knurling and correct Olympic Weightlifting knurling marks. Whether you are training children or new adult lifters, these bars make teaching the lifts safe and effective without the need to relearn things like the hook grip, or grip position, when transitioning to standard bars.

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Made in the U.S.A.

At Rogue, we firmly believe that American manufacturing is the path to economic recovery. This is one of the reasons that we have such a strong commitment to offer quality American made gear. Not only do we have dozens products made in the Midwest by Rogue, we are proud to offer products from other top American manufacturers including, Dynamax, Abmat, Sorinex, Westside Barbell, Concept 2, Slater’s, Hybrid Athletics, Rx Jump Ropes, Pendlay Barbell, Legend, Box, D-Ball, Dollamur and others. We constantly renew this commitment by adding top of the line American alternatives to the typical, mass marketed, imported gear available from other companies. Here is a complete list of our Made in the U.S.A. products.

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All New ES-1 Econ Squat Stand

When people are starting a home gym, and are looking for a cheap squat stand that will do the job, they often end up with a mass produced product that is made in China that will fail within a year of use. This is the case, because of the lack of quality American made options.

Our standard S-Series squat stands are made so that all of the attachments for the Infinity Rigs will fit. For someone who does not need this extra functionality and is just looking for a no frills squat stand that will take a beating and last forever, the answer has arrived.

The all new ES-1 Econ Squat Stand.

1) 2×2 11 gauge steel tubing

2) 0.5” holes and hardware – The j-cup holes are 2” on center

3) Simple j-cup adjustment system – no moving parts

4) Lighter and ships easy

5) Same 4’ depth as the S-Series for the stability that people expect from Rogue

6) ⅜” thick j-cup material without the plastic insert

We’ve put 1000 lbs. on the bar to test the capacity.  We have options for either decision: the less expensive squat stand or the current S-Series line. The S-Series is the heavy duty modular system with tons of options.

This is an American-made Econ Stand built to compete with the Chinese squat stands that other equipment companies carry.  In fact, we even made it to ship on our 3 Ships Free program. Buy two Rogue shirts and this and the package will ship for free!

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Rogue Renegade Row Handles

Rogue Renegade Row Handles not only work well for their namesake movement they can also be used for other row variations as well as weighted bear crawls and even weighted handstand walking. They also make a firm base for pushups allowing you to reach the full range of motion, rather than being stopped when your chest hits the ground.

They have 5.25″ tall posts and bases large enough to fit most 25 pound steel plates. That means that loading them up to 75 pounds will not be an issue.

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Black Metal Plates

Not all metal plates are created equal.

For the most part, metal plates are not there to look pretty, they are there to add more weight to the bar when you run out of bumpers or run out of room for bumpers. They are also the only way to get to precise weights so you can go up in increments smaller than 20 pounds at a time. Most metal plates will get the job done. However, many of the plates available at local sporting goods stores are particularly low quality. Generally this does not cause problems, since they are designed to be used for slow lifts, and for the most part are used solely for bench press by their intended audience. When CrossFitters, buy these cast iron plates, they will work well for a while. After all, they are using them with bumper plates that are taking the impact of the drops. However, particularly with the 2.5 and 5 pound plates, those repeated sudden stops can be enough to cause the plates to break.

The Ader Black Plates, being made from higher quality cast iron, and are much less likely to break due to impact when dropped with bumpers.

Since they are available in weights as low as 1.25 pounds, they are also an inexpensive way to go up 2.5 pounds at a time for lifts like shoulder press, where often 5 pounds can be the difference between an easy lift and an impossible one.

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Rogue 65 LB Gorrilla Bumpers

Rogue Hi-Temp Bumpers are some of the best bumpers in existence. They are virtually indestructible. Plates made in this fashion will likely outlast your lifting career. You can’t break them, no matter how hard you try. The recycled rubber and polymer mixture also gives more than other bumper materials, likely making them easier on floors, but definitely making them quieter when dropped than bumpers made of harder materials.

They have always had just one issue. The recycled material is less dense than other bumpers, so you are limited in how much weight that you can fit on the bar. A standard 20 kg bar can only fit enough bumpers to get to around 400 lbs.

Enter the Rogue 65LB Gorilla Bumpers. They are made from a material that is slightly higher in density than the standard Rogue Hi-Temp bumpers allowing them to reach 65 pounds while only being 4″ thick. A standard bar can fit 4 on each side without collars for a total load of 565 lbs!

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Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack

Changing out deadlift weight can get very difficult when the weight gets heavy and can even end up being dangerous. Because you do not take the same care to set your back as you are trying to lift half the bar with one hand and slide a bumper on with the other, it can be an accident waiting to happen.

The Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack solves this problem. You simply slide the jack under the bar, pull back, and the weight is lifted, allowing you to easily and safely add or remove weight from the bar.

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New Rogue KG Bumpers

You may be one of the many who have found that if you can’t talk in kilograms, you can’t really be part of the Olympic Weightlifting world. In the past, this often meant that in order to avoid constantly doing conversions, you needed to buy extremely expensive kilogram plates.

That is no longer the case with the new KG Rogue Bumpers. They are the same high quality solid rubber bumpers with stainless steel inserts that you have come to expect from Rogue. However, the low price will surprise you. Shipping is even included.

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